Juan Capristán - Software Engineer - Web Developer
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Juan Capristán


I am Juan F. Capristán W., Software Engineer specialized in web development and systems administration. I like working in projects focused in creating a better society.

I am a full stack web developer, but I feel more comfortable in the middleware layer developing with Ruby, Rails, Sinatra and everything around this tools. I am co-founder of CreativeCocos.com.

If you want to contact me, the easiest way is writing me an email to juan@el placer de compartircreativecocos.la alegría de vivircom, or following me at twitter.

Quick Look


Some Seminars and Conferences
  • BARUCO 2013. Barcelona Ruby Conference, Septiembre 2013.
  • BARUCO 2012. Barcelona Ruby Conference, Septiembre 2012.
  • "Internet Congress 2010". Madrid, October 2010.
  • "IInd Webmasters Congress". Madrid, November 2008.
  • "Internet Forum 2008". Madrid, May 2008.
  • "IInd Congress of editors of periodical publications". Benidorm, March 2006.
  • "Ist Congress of editors of periodical publications". Salamanca, February 2005.
  • "Interñet : The future of spanish in the internet". Summer Courses in El Escorial, UCM. August 2003.
  • "Electronic business, present and future". Summer Courses in UNED. July 2003.


  • Spanish. Mother tongue
  • English. Spoken, read and written
  • German. Learning in progress...
  • Esperanto. Learning in progress...

Programming Languages and Frameworks

  • Ruby + Rails
  • Ruby + Sinatra
  • PHP + Yii
  • Angular 1.5 (researching v.2.0...)
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • VBScript
  • Classic ASP


  • Riak
  • MySQL Client and server administration.
  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL
  • MariaDB
  • ADO
  • JetSQL
  • SQL Plus (Oracle)

The Internet

  • Web application development based on Sinatra.
  • Web application development based on Ruby on Rails.
  • Web application development based on PHP + Yii Framework.
  • Web application development based on classic ASP.
  • Skilled in HTML, CSS and Javascript/jQuery/ajax/bootstrap.
  • Frontend development based on AngularJS.
  • Specific web development for iPad devices.
  • Installation and support on Wordpress, Joomla and other popular freeware CMSs systems.
  • Installation and support on Prestashop for online stores.
  • Installation and support for OpenX and Revival ad servers.
  • Installation and support on Wiki systems like DokuWiki or MediaWiki.
  • Secure payment interfaces of several spanish banks.
  • PayPal and Stripe payment systems integration.
  • IIS and Apache web servers administration.


Isue/Task Tracking Systems
  • Todoist/Wedoist
  • Basecamp
  • Eventum
  • Mantis
  • Bugzilla
Control Version Systems


In Software Engineering
  • I am co-founder of web develpment company CreativeCocos.com and also of its social branch SocialCocos.
  • I have developed project Tunaturopataonline, an online platform for a naturopathy cabinet.
  • I have developed project Pildorea, an online education platform based on videos.
  • I have developed DíayHora, an online reservation system aimed for both professionals and end users.
  • I have developed EditMaker project for Cibeles.net, where I worked until december 2012. EditMaker is a web based CMS (Content Management System) aimed to newspapers or periodic publications in the internet. This product is being used by more than a hundred online publications.
  • I have developed "CruciSolutions" project, which is a web based crosswords management system that can generate different kinds of similar games of this kind (with inner numbers, outer numbers, blank crosswords and also sudokus), for Puzzlecross S.L.
  • I have developed a campaign generator for online signing for Veterinarios Sin Fronteras.
  • I have developed project "en.via" (word game that means 'send' and also 'on the way'), which is an application to manage courier companies. This product is being used by EuroVip Service.
  • Between 2004 and 2005 I have actively taken part on development of nofumadores.org (nonsmokers) organization website.
  • I worked as a teacher in Maths informática academy, specialized in computer science carreer, teaching "Data Structures", "Introduction to Pascal Programming" and "Programming in C and C++" subjects. I taught for this academy between september 2000 and february 2002.
  • Several minor freelance projects.
In other fields:
  • Co-administrator of the Asamblea del Pueblo de Alpedrete Blog during more than 4 years (between 2011 and 2015)
  • Designer of latin american newspaper Quipu during 8 months (between 1998 and 1999)
  • Designer of legal magazine DINATOS between january 2000 and may 2001.

Other Info

  • I have 17 years of professional experience
  • I am 43 years old, was born in Perú, and I've been living in Spain for 25 years.
  • I am a father since 2012, and I love it.
  • I like writing, reading, sports, and traveling.
  • I love gardening, in special to harvest my own vegetables.
  • I despice animal mistreat in any of its several forms. Specially those socially accepted.
  • I belong to the 15M movement (aka "occupy movement" in Spain) since its very begining in 2011. Banking abuse and lack of ethics in politic class should be pursued and punished, and the only way to achieve this is partaking democracy.
  • I am interested in nature, sustainability, healthy life and alternative therapies.
  • I don't like to be a passive smoker. Fortunately in Spain this is not a problem anymore (it took hard to get there).
  • I believe in God, but absolutely not in religions.
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I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. William Ernest Henley